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01 - A Hero Is Bored

Kai And Rae make their hero, Kyra, and learn about the Black Dragon Box before making it to Falconreach!

02 - A Spider Named Thomas

In this episode, we meet Sepulchure and talk about D&D while Kyra meets Cysero, "saves" Aria from a bunch of bugs, and gets the Black Dragon Box.

03 - Egg-zactly Five

This week, Kyra talks to Valencia and Warlic, and Kai and Rae talk about D&D.

04 - I think I'll call you... Fluffy

This week, Kyra learns about a flying castle, we learn more about Sepulchure, and Desdemona hatches!

05 - Falconreach Shall Spread Its Wings Again

Kyra fights Xan, a spider person, and a dragon named Gorgok, and meets Thursday!

06 - Thursday's Garden

Today, we talk to Thursday a lot, and meet The Necromantress and an edgelord.

The Smallest Dragonrider

Sorry for no proper ep! Enjoy a reading of "The Smallest Dragonrider" to tide you over!

An Apology And A Message

Hi, sorry for the lack of content and bad audio quality, I wanted to put something out.